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Safety Observation Form

This type of form is best for general safety observations where it's not an incident or requiring an investigation but it might be a general observation of what was unsafe or what was safe. Can be both positive and negative observations. A safety observation form is an ideal form for all staff and contractors to have access to for reporting as they encounter or experience them in the field when working on site.

Details for each type of safety observation
What was safe or unsafe
Who should this be reported to
Registry of observations
What, when and where
Should something be done about this?
Dates, details and much more

Library of Safety Observation Forms

Choose a ready to go safety observation from from our library

We have a form builder that allows you to customise the form and personalise the fields specific to your organisation

Distribute to users to complete online via a mobile app

Improve duty of care, reduce hazards

There are many legal requirements that require you to manage hazards in the workplace. Enabling all your staff to report safety observations in the workplace is a very effective tool to managing this process, improving your duty of care and both identifying and reducing hazards.

What to know about building your own safety observation form

Think about the specifics of your workplace and what a safety observation form would like in your work environment. What sort of fields would you want to collect to make this process effective? area observed, date, what was safe, what was unsafe are just some of the common questions.