Published 22/02/2022

Managing Injuries in the Workplace

To operate a successful business abiding by work health and safety laws with keeping your staff and contractors safe, your business requires a system to assist with the management of injuries in workplace.

What is it?

Managing injuries in the workplace can be done via an Incident Reporting software which can be easily accessed using desktop, mobile or application. Each report is fully customisable and can be made unique to suit your company's requirements.

This software will help capture the details of potential injuries that occur within the workplace and other additional incidents that may occur such as security threats, property damage, near miss or safety observations.

Once a report is submitted, it is recorded in an accessible register and can also be emailed out to a specific contact. Your business will have the ability to assess the management of each injury in detail that has occurred within the workplace.

Why do you need it?

This software is important as it aids the prevention of future injuries and incidents in the workplace. Your business will have the ability to monitor and assess current and previous incidents, which means you will be able to update and put in place appropriate WHS practices and structures to eliminate and avoid all future injuries and incidents.

Each state and nation have rules and regulations for all businesses and organisations to follow when assessing and managing injuries in the workplace, having an online Incident Reporting system can make this process seamless.

What's included?

What's included in the Incident Report system will be unique and vary dependant on the size and structure of your business. You will have the ability to change or create additional content, customizations, and integrations to suit the needs and changes of your workplace.

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