Published 06/03/2022

Work Health Safety forms vary in nature due to ever-changing workforce practices, different sizes and structures of businesses and events. Having a system that offers customisable Work Health and Safety online forms benefits all kinds of businesses as they can be tailor-made and unique to suit each business's individual needs and practices. Specific injuries and illnesses, work processes and health surveillance require easy access to complete a Work Health Safety Forms via an Incident Reporting System and instant notifications to the correct safety or WHS representative.

What is it and what's included?

With a fully customisable Incident Reporting System, you will have the ability to create as many Work Health Safety Forms and registers tailored to suit your business's requirements.

These forms include all the customisable building blocks you will need for a Work Health Safety online form, including checkboxes, dropdowns, date fields and file uploads that work with our AI to produce regular reports that can easily accessed.

Why is it important?

Having the ability to create customisable Work Health and Safety Forms via an Incident Reporting System assists the management of the health and safety of your employees, contractors, and visitors. It is also essential to minimise the risk of injuries and keep records of all WHS activities.

Some examples of important Work Heath Safety forms your business needs are for Injury Management and Hazard Identification and Reporting.

Injury Management Work Health Safety Form

Having an Incident Reporting System with the correct Work Health Safety Form can maximise your business's injury management by preventing and minimising unnecessary workplace injuries. This Work Health Safety Form can also be beneficial for the management of medical certificates, return to work plan, workplace rehabilitation, the management of the claim with the insurer, liability decision, managing lost work time along with letters, appointments, tasks and updates regarding the management of the injury.

There are many types of work-related injuries that can occur in the workplace, including: - Wounds and cuts
- Burns
- Fractures
- MSD Disorders
- Psychological injuries

See below a standard template for an Injury Management Work Health Safety Form:

You can add captions, dropdown fields, free text fields, radio buttons and a date field. See more examples of an Injury Work Health and Safety Form here and start creating your own form now! Hazard Identification and Reporting Work Health Safety Form Hazard Reports are an important Work Health Safety form for identification of workplace hazards that could cause harm and ensuring that new hazards encountered in the workplace are reported via an Incident Reporting System. Creating awareness for employees, contractors, and visitors of potential and existing hazards in the workplace. Having a Hazard Work Health Safety Form is critical for prevention and reducing the risk of injuries. See below a standard template for a Hazard Report Work Health Safety Form:

You also have the ability to add as many checklist fields as you need and also picture upload fields to clarify and further explain the hazard.

See more examples of a Hazard Work Health and Safety Form here start creating your own form now! Start creating your own Work Health Safety forms now! By using the appropriate Work Heath and Safety Forms you will be able to ensure everyone who steps on site and into your business are safe and covered for all mishaps and accidents with an Incident Reporting System.


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