Best practice incident reporting software consists of a series of forms and registries to cover all aspects of incident occurrences that occur in workplaces. From pre-incident activities such as check lists and inspections through to incident occurrence reports such as injury or illness in the workplace, security incidents, near misses, property damage reports, environmental incidents, personal injury reports, first aid and lost time work injuries. It also involves post incident activities such as hazard reporting and incident investigations, corrective actions and manager sign off and escalation. Depending on the type of incident, it can also tie into workers comp claims i.e. employee injury incidents.

Here we've broken the above areas up into the following sections with sample templates, forms and registries for each one. Using an incident reporting software platform you can set up a full comprehensive incident reporting tool to manage these areas and create your own report forms and registries too.

Incident Reporting Form
A template for an incident report form
Incident Reporting Registry
A record of all open and closed incidents on a incident report registry

Incident Alerts
Setup notifications based on incident type, severity, department, site and more
Incident Insights
Root cause analysis, deep dive into incident causes, trends, analytics and more.

Massive library of forms
Plug in ready to go forms such as hazard reports, near miss reports, corrective actions, risk assessments and investigations
Incident Reporting App
Ensure front end workers in the field and on site can report incidents in real-time as they happen straight from their phone or tablet

Using an Incident Reporting Tool in the Workplace

When it comes to keeping a workplace safe, efficient, and productive, there's no substitute for having an Incident Report Tool. Whether it's handling safety issues, responding to potential litigation or avoiding costly accidents in the workplace, having a tool that allows for accurate reporting is essential.

For employers, an Incident Report Tool gives them the power to take swift action if any employee breaches company policy or regulations. It's also an effective way to record incidents of harassment or bullying in the workplace. With a reliable incident report tool in place, employers can protect themselves from legal liability and ensure that their employees feel safe and secure at work.

Having an incident report tool doesn't just benefit employers - employees are also able to rest easier knowing that their complaints will be taken seriously and their voices heard. An incident report tool allows employees to make sure their feedback is recorded and addressed appropriately by management. This prevents time-consuming and emotional confrontations while ensuring that the issue is resolved properly. An incident report tool also ensures that all relevant parties are made aware of the issue immediately so they can act accordingly.

Not only does an incident report tool help keep workplaces running smoothly and safely, but it also eliminates costly paperwork associated with processing incidents manually. By streamlining operations with a digital solution, businesses can save time and money while reducing errors associated with manual processing of reports. Furthermore, a centralized record keeping system makes it easy for supervisors to identify trends or patterns within the organization quickly so the appropriate action can be taken quickly to address any issues that arise.

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